(#14 Pause)

Is it okay to feel emotions that I can’t name? Is it okay to not feel the warmth of a candle flame? Is it okay to not feel okay sometime? It it okay to hate the music which doesn’t rhyme? Maybe it isn’t maybe it’s juvenile But you can’t really make every moment worthwhile Some […]

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(#13) Silence

The still ness that my ears are capturing This silence which is remarkably deafening Is making my drums bleed the secrets that were buried Deep down are awakening.

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(#12) Searching

Let’s go on a quest To Discover the unknown Search for a Melody which sets a milestone In the history of future and In the future of history Let’s try and Decode the forgotten mystery Fall in Love with places you’ve never been Fall in Love with the texture of your foreskin I’ve been searching […]

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(#11) Cold

I feel so cold and numb Nearly every day I never wanted to become So weak or feel decayed The lavender colored skies Remind me of the goodbyes That I never got to say Which now seem too far away I wish I could make the clocks spin backwards Rewind the time with the wand […]

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(#9) Far

Far away you stood And I understoodThat maybe this wasn’t meant to be There’s no happy ending to our story So I decided to finally set you free And blank out the tale of you and me

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(#8) Sea

The sea Reminds me Of how vast our love was For each other Probably because Like the waves and tides Our hearts did coincide But I still can’t figure out What went wrong I still have my doubts About where I truly belong.

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